Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Native Hope is working to help end the MMIW crisis. Join us and take action today!

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Native Hope assists in the efforts of these courageous individuals and organizations on the frontlines of the MMIW movement by providing opportunities to raise awareness in a variety of ways. By providing a platform, tools, and resources, Native Hope aspires to assist in bringing awareness of MMIW to the forefront. In order to stop this victimization of Native sisters, the world must be educated. Then, prevention can begin. 

At Native Hope, we are passionate about raising awareness around Native issues and sharing stories of light and hope. We hope that you'll join us in our efforts, learn more about this crisis, and speak and work for justice. #NoMoreStolenSisters

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How We Work

Here's How Native Hope Takes Action Against MMIW

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1. Educate and Understand.

Our work in the area of MMIW stems from a place of first seeking to understand the issue and its root causes. To make the greatest impact, we first devote ourselves to truly understanding the issues before us, and then set about to educate others. 

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2. Identify the Need.

Understanding the urgent nature of this issue, we rely on conversations with community members and local leaders to discover how we can help Native American tribes as a friend and ally.

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3. Mobilize and Advocate.

Native Hope advocates for missing and murdered indigenous women by using our voice and platform to create awareness and demand justice. We share stories of light and hope. We hold space for the victims of these crimes. And we raise funds to help close loopholes that perpetuate these atrocities.  

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