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Youth and Community Outreach


Contributions to Youth and Community Outreach help us develop and execute programming focused on lifting up Native youth and community programs. Native Hope team members, community leaders and youth mentees partner with like-minded organizations to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in Indian Country.

Supporting this fund provides resources for programming that...

  • Assists young Native Americans with access to mentorship, support from successful leaders from within and beyond their communities, and opportunities centered around empowerment.
  • Offers boots-on-the-ground assistance promoting healthier living and constructive activities for Native youth and their families, such as:
      • Community cleanup
      • Flood relief funds
      • Meth home remediation funds
      • Healthy snacks and meals for community events
      • Baseball field funds for a remote area of the Crow Creek Reservation
      • Cultural presentations in schools
      • Youth media training and storytelling project for Nambe youth
      • Backpacks with school supplies for elementary children
      • GED scholarships
      • Basic essentials to those who need it most.
      • Christmas presents and holiday meals to Native American children and their families

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Contributions to the Fellowship program help support opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country. Over their 12-month commitment, Native Hope fellows receive tools, resources, and capital to launch or sustain their vision.

Each fellow possesses a unique passion and high level of commitment toward advancing their initiatives. Beyond reinvesting their fellowship dollars into communities, these fellows share their knowledge, time, and talents with Native youth and organizations. Click here to meet our Fellows.

Supporting this fund provides Native leaders funds to...

  • Sustain proven, Native youth programming
  • Fight against epidemics of suicide, addiction, and unemployment facing Native communities
  • Encourage Native leadership
  • Dismantle existing barriers by providing resources where resources are needed

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Storytelling Heals


Contributions to Storytelling Heals help us work toward the realization of our vision to address the injustice done to Native Americans. We dismantle barriers, bring healing, and inspire hope through the power of storytelling and impactful programming. Our team works to both inspire a national conversation on the untold story of Native America and address the real issues that Native people in communities face.

Supporting this fund allows the ability for our team to...

  • Transform misconceptions of Native people
  • Support educational opportunities that encourage understanding and unity
  • Create valuable educational resources such as eBooks
  • Sustain our ability to tell valuable stories
  • Raise the voices of Native people, today and for future generations

Native Hope envisions a world with NO barriers for Native Americans.

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