Provide Essentials. Give Hope.

Many Native Americans and families are struggling to make ends meet. During this time of year, Native Hope receives hundreds of requests for food, children's school clothing and shoes, school supplies, household cleaning products, and more.

Together, we can offer relief to families who need help. When you donate to Native Hope, you help provide hope to families in need.

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What We're Doing

Meeting Needs

The back-to-school season means added out-of-pocket costs for Native American families who want their children to come to school prepared. Many already struggle to make ends meet and we are able to meet people where they are to meet their needs.

Your support allows Native Hope to provide the backpacks, clothes, food, and cleaning supplies, helping them combat any back-to-school illnesses. Give now to provide the essentials Native children need for a happy and healthy start to their year.

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And did you know that Native Hope also helps to cover GED practice exams, exams, and travel costs? Yes, we help to support those on their education journey.

Getting a GED can be life-changing for students who didn't get to graduate high school. But the expenses can be overwhelming.

"That is always the hang up for most kids is paying for the practice tests and the exam so thank you so much for making this possible. This is one step closer to self-sufficiency for some of our people." - Stacey

Our partnership with the Lower Brule Community College in Lower Brule, South Dakota assists Native youth on their first step to higher education. But, without your support, none of this is possible


Because of your support, Native Hope has fulfilled 338 requests so far this year. Our requests include things like food packs and hygiene supplies, as well as backpacks filled with school supplies, clothing, and shoes.

Your donation goes directly to purchasing and distributing these essentials, and straight into the hands of Native American children and families in need. If you'd like to see our work in action, check out our Hope Reports.

Here's what your gift can do: 


$20 helps to provide backpacks and school supplies


$70 helps to provide a week of groceries for a family of four


$125 help to provide a care package of food, hygiene, and cleaning supplies

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Give Native Children a Great Back to School.

How We Work

Here's How Native Hope Takes Action to Serve Native Communities

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1. Identify the Need.

Our projects are born out of conversations. We listen to community members and talk with local leaders and partners to discover how we can help Native American tribes as a friend and ally.

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2. Collect the Resources.

Once we've identified the needs and rallied the help of partners and supporters, we supply requested items.

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3. Distribute.

As soon as we're able, we personally reach the communities and distribute the needed materials. 

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