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The increasing cost of food, gas, and other essentials is difficult for everyone—but it has deeply impacted Native Americans who were already struggling. Native Hope is providing basic living essentials for Native Americans in need. 


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What We're Doing

Meeting Basic Needs

The dramatic increase in basic necessities like food, gas, medicine, and items for children has hit vulnerable populations the hardest. In the communities we serve, many were already living paycheck to paycheck. 

Recently, a mother with seven children came into the Native Hope looking for assistance. With a small baby, she was faced with an impossible decision—spend her last dollars on diapers or groceries. 

It's because of you, Native Hope was able to assist this mother with groceries and baby essentials. But, without your support, none of this is possible. Please help our work continue. Donate today.


When you donate today, you help to provide living essentials like food, baby items, hygiene items, feminine products, cleaning supplies, and more, to Native American children and families in need.

Your donation allows us to distribute the following items: 


$9 helps provide feminine hygiene products


$20 helps provide backpacks and school supplies


$36 helps provide baby supplies like diapers, wipes, shampoo and lotion


$70 helps provide a week of groceries for a family of four


$125 help provide a care package of food, hygiene, and cleaning supplies

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How We Work

Here's How Native Hope Takes Action to Serve Native Communities

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1. Identify the Need.

Our projects are born out of conversations. We listen to community members and talk with local leaders and partners to discover how we can help Native American tribes as a friend and ally.

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2. Collect the Resources.

Once we've identified the needs and rallied the help of partners and supporters, we supply requested items.

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3. Distribute.

As soon as we're able, we personally reach the communities and distribute the needed materials. 

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