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When you give to Native Hope, you join a community Natives and non-Natives working toward a world without barriers for Native Americans.

Native Hope is a resource helping Native communities meet their needs. We talk with community members, listen to their needs, and partner with tribal entities—in a unified effort to dismantle barriers, inspire empowerment, and give hope for a promising tomorrow.


Your support goes directly to our work to dismantle barriers to bring healing
and inspire hope for Native Americans.




Give monthly and you'll join the Circle of Hope, a community of people committed to supporting Native Americans and investing in their future.

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What our donors are saying

I have seen the results firsthand of providing an opportunity to young people who would not otherwise have a chance to thrive.

David B.

Fanwood, New Jersey

I read Native Hope's mission and story, and I was moved to help. I have and still donate to organizations helping Native people. I have long thought it was an underserved population. Some stories I have read are truly heartbreaking. I can't help as much as I would like to, but I will give what I can. Everyone can make a difference.

Chrissy F.

San Diego, California

Youth are stepping up to lead the world; we must provide support to give them strength and education to make the best choices and to carry them out.

Julia M.

SeaTac, Washington

A great American injustice is happening right in our backyard.


Suicide is more than3xthe national average and up to 10x on some reservations.


1 in 3 Native American women reports rape, compared to 1 in 5 nationally.


2 in 5 students on the reservation won’t graduate high school.

Together, we can change these statistics!