Back to Basics: Holiday Appeal

Help provide warm winter clothing, holiday meals and Christmas gifts for Native American children and their families. 

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Help Make This Holiday Season Special for
Native American Families in Need.

For many, the holiday season brings memories of get togethers with family and friends, laughter, good food and Christmas gifts under the tree. But for some Native Americans, the holiday season looks different. That's because the basic living essentials are a struggle for many, and often out of reach. So many go without.

But together, we can change that. 

This holiday season, we are working with programs in Native communities to provide children and families with items such as warm winter clothing, holiday meals and Christmas gifts... and we need your help! 

Please give today so we can help as many as possible. And what's better, your gift can go TWICE as far! Thanks to a generous donor, your gift today will be matched, up to $25,000.

We've extended the deadline to December 17. Don't miss your chance to have your gift DOUBLED. Will you give today?

A Christmas Story

Native Hope received this letter, last year from the Lake Andes Child Protective Services:

This year brought about unusual circumstances for individuals and companies alike. Unfortunately, we know when one person, a business, or a company is affected by some extrinsic factor [COVID-19], it easily creates a cascade effect on many others within a community. Over and over this year, this was the case, leaving so many individuals and families affected. Also, this easily could have been the end result for many of our children and families with whom we work through Child Protection Services. This time of year the only concern a young child should have is deciding what to ask for from Santa for Christmas.

Due to the impact of COVID, one of our major donors was unable to contribute donations of Christmas presents as they have in the past. However, when reaching out to other organizations to inquire about funding for Christmas presents, one nonprofit stood out and quickly answered the call. Native Hope went above and beyond when supplying Christmas presents for 25 children. The Native Hope team provided the children with the exact presents they asked for and more. But what is most important to me, when looking at the bigger picture, is those 25 children will never know Native Hope gave them what every child needs on Christmas: hope, faith and true Christmas magic. Thank you, Native Hope, for ensuring that the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving, is still alive.

Happy Holidays,
Lake Andes Child Protection Services

How We Work

Here's How Native Hope Takes Action to Serve Native Communities

listen-to-needs-1 kids-on-porch

1. Identify the Need.

Our projects are born out of conversations. We listen to community members and talk with local leaders and partners to discover how we can help Native American tribes as a friend and ally.

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2. Collect the Resources.

Once we've identified the needs and rallied the help of partners and supporters, we directly purchase all necessary supplies.

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3. Distribute.

As soon as we're able, we personally reach the communities and distribute the needed materials. 

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