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Native Hope is working to help provide basic living essentials for Native Americans in need. 

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Meeting the Basic Needs

As one community member once described how it feels to live in poverty, "Just like a building — I’m not going to worry about anything beyond my basic needs — if the foundation is NOT stable, why worry about anything above it?"

With limited resources, tribal leaders are working to rebuild this foundation and help those who need it most. Many Native American families in South Dakota don’t have basic living necessities, including:

Baby wipes
Baby formula
Baby sleepers
Baby blankets
Hygiene supplies
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
Snack packs
Meal packs


In response to this dire need, we are working to provide bundles that offer much-needed relief and allows individuals to focus on other expenses. Take action and get involved today!

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How We Work

Here's How Native Hope Takes Action to Serve Native Communities

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1. Identify the Need.

Our projects are born out of conversations. We listen to community members and talk with local leaders and partners to discover how we can help Native American tribes as a friend and ally.

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2. Collect the Resources.

Once we've identified the needs and rallied the help of partners and supporters, we directly purchase all necessary supplies.

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3. Distribute.

As soon as we're able, we personally reach the communities and distribute the needed materials. 

Take Action and Get Involved Today.